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Driver training in Zig Zag

Driver Awareness Program

Our club has a strong commitment to promoting responsible four-wheel driving and environmental stewardship. The Driver Awareness Program (DAP) is a cornerstone of this commitment and is a mandatory requirement for all new club members.


This program is designed to equip you with the essential knowledge and skills needed to enjoy four-wheel driving safely and responsibly.

Meet The Club  |    Every First Tuesday    |    Emu Sports Club    |    7:30pm

What is the DAP?

The DAP is intended to provide drivers with the basic advice necessary for enjoying four-wheel driving. While nothing can replace experience, the DAP aims to provide a solid foundation for gaining that experience with a safer, more responsible understanding of, and attitude towards, four-wheel driving.

The DAP is a compulsory component of joining the Club. All new members must attend both sessions of the program before they can participate in any of the Club's activities, excepting monthly meetings.

Driver training in Zig Zag

What Can You Expect During The DAP?

The DAP consists of two essential sessions: a Theory Session and a Practical Session.

Theory Session

During the Theory Session, you will delve into various aspects of four-wheel drive vehicles, handling, maintenance, and preparation. You will learn about the essential skills necessary to operate your four-wheel drive responsibly. This session will cover:

  • Vehicle Knowledge: Understanding the mechanics of four-wheel drive vehicles.

  • Driver Attitude: Developing the right mindset for responsible four-wheel driving.

  • Environmental Responsibility: Discovering the impact of four-wheel drives on the environment and how to minimise it.

  • Driving Responsibilities: Learning about your responsibilities as a four-wheel driver.

  • Track Preservation: Understanding how to care for the tracks and minimise your impact on the environment.

  • Access Requirements: Navigating legal and access requirements for off-road driving.

Practical Session

The Practical Session will be a hands-on experience that complements the knowledge gained in the Theory Session. This session will include:

  • Key-Start Recovery: Demonstrations of key-start recovery techniques.

  • Use of Recovery Equipment: Learning how to properly use recovery equipment.

  • Obstacle Handling: Developing skills to navigate obstacles safely.

  • Vehicle Guidance: Gaining insights into effective vehicle guidance and coordination during four-wheel driving outings.


By participating in both sessions of the DAP, you will not only meet the club's membership requirements but also gain valuable skills and knowledge to make your four-wheel driving experiences safer and more enjoyable.

The Blue Mountains Four Wheel Drive Club is committed to fostering a community of responsible off-road enthusiasts, and the Driver Awareness Program is just the beginning of your exciting journey in the world of four-wheel driving.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about the DAP, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to seeing you at our next DAP session!

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Club Meetings

Club meetings are held monthly on the 1st Tuesday at Emu Sports Club, 7:30pm. All are welcome!

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